The world is widely on pause right now, and Global Widget is no exception. While we are still busy at work, there has been a shift in our daily operations concerning our wholesale partners, distributors and retailers. Earlier this month, Global Widget put out a statement through each of its brands – Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script and Perfect Paws Hemp – outlining what we are doing to keep our consumers and employees safe. As a trusted Global Widget partner, we want to dive a little deeper into our COVID-19 response, and what you can expect from our company after this situation is resolved.

For Our Wholesale Partners

With the uncertainty and needs surrounding COVID-19, many of our wholesale partners have shifted gears to serve the nation during this pandemic. Rather than transporting CBD, several of our distribution partners are now focused on stocking the essentials like hand sanitizer, gloves, medical supplies, etc. For this, we say thank you.

In the meantime, we have started creating training decks to bring you and your sales teams up to speed about new products, best practices for selling CBD and more. Our team has also been conducting smaller, virtual Q & A sessions to answer your most pressing questions concerning CBD and objections you may have heard in the field. For our wholesale department, this time is about giving our distributors space to work, while “trying to support them in the best way possible,” says Vice President of Sales Vincent Gillen.

For Our Customers

Times are hard, stressful and uncertain, which has peaked stress and anxiety for the customers who need us most. As a part of our COVID-19 response for the month of April, we ran a promotion to aid those who may have found themselves with decreased income. This offer allowed our customers to afford the products they may need to help get them through this pandemic.

What You Can Expect from Global Widget After the Pandemic:

Before this pandemic, Global Widget was in go-mode with many projects in the works. This recent slowdown has given us the chance to focus and execute on these exciting updates.

You may have already seen new additions like our 1000mg High Potency CBD Pain Gel, 200mg CBD Pain Gel Roll-On, and milligram increases across the Pain Gel category line, but there’s more to come from Global Widget.

According to Gillen, our partners can expect new display case options and updated marketing materials to reflect the fresh, new packaging from Hemp Bombs and Nature’s Script.

Without giving too much away, you’ll see even more products with greater value, like CBD Lip Balm and some changes in our CBD Gummies, in the coming quarters.

We’ve been hard at work completing various tasks and projects to better our business for our wholesalers and commercial consumers alike. However, we know the current situation is temporary and are confident that we will all return to business as usual once we come to the other side. In the meantime, we as a company are wishing you and your family safety and good health throughout this pandemic.

For more information about how Global Widget is handling this transition and updates on the COVID-19 response, tune in to Episode 22 of the CBD University Podcast: Weathering the Storm.