CBD Stability Testing

What is CBD stability testing?

CBD stability testing is a quality control process that establishes accountability for a product’s expiration date, effectiveness and potency for the consumer.

These tests are performed by manufacturing facilities that adhere to the rigorous standards outlined by cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) 21 CFR Part 111.

How is stability testing performed?

When a new product is formulated, it is placed in a stability chamber. These chambers are specially designed with temperature and humidity controls to mimic the conditions of two years or more of shelf life, allowing for an accurate simulation of the product’s journey from the manufacturing facility to store shelves, and finally, to the end consumer.

Tests are performed at precise timepoints to examine the various factors relating to quality and potency. After the stability tests are complete, the products often remain in the stability chamber for continued monitoring up to two or three years.

  • Accelerated three-month studies for dietary supplements

  • Accelerated six-month studies for OTC (over-the-counter) products

  • Accelerated 60-day study for cosmetic products

What are the benefits of stability testing?

Stability testing confirms the expiration date, shelf life, safety, effectiveness and potency of a product. This process verifies these factors to ensure the end consumer feels the utmost confidence when purchasing and using a manufacturer’s products.

Does Global Widget stability test every product?

Global Widget is committed to quality and transparency for our premium CBD products. As a manufacturer that continually brings new products to market, stability testing is a required and essential step in our new product launch process. All new products undergo complete stability testing before they are mass-produced and distributed from our facilities.

Where does Global Widget perform stability testing?

Global Widget’s stability tests are performed in our on-site QC (quality control) lab, which consists of three industrial-sized stability chambers, as well as several smaller chambers. These chambers contain multiple samples of each product in different stages of the stability testing process.

Who oversees Global Widget’s stability testing process

Global Widget’s Chief Compliance and Safety Officer, along with our quality control team, oversees the stability testing process. This team, comprised of experienced research and development professionals, manages each product’s stability testing and generates detailed reports based on their findings.