Product Formulation

Formulating new products consumers want

Formulation is the process by which our new products are developed. Our Marketing team determines the best types of products to bring to market based on many factors, including consumer demand and industry trends and our R&D team brings those ideas to life with new formulations.

What is product formulation all about?

The timeline for formulating new products can vary depending on many factors, but the process usually takes about three to four months. The first step is determining the category of product we want to create, followed by the desired characteristics of the product. This drives the ingredient selection and the required timelines to study the product. Ease of manufacturing must also be considered when developing new products — simple formulas with fewer ingredients are preferred because they’re easier and take less time to produce.

What’s next?

The next step is to determine the desired stability and shelf life of the finished product. This decision will also affect ingredient selection, as some ingredients have different shelf lives than others. It is at this time our master formulators begin to create samples for testing purposes. Each new product usually results in 10 – 20 formulations, which are tested for pH, viscosity, package interactions, feel, smell, taste (if applicable), and other characteristics.

And then?

When final formulations are approved, the Quality Control team begins both accelerated and long-term stability testing to confirm the expiration dating for the product and its overall viability. This accelerated testing mimics the temperature and humidity of two years or more of shelf life.

Who develops new formulations?

Formulations are created by R&D (research & development) scientists. These scientists usually have a Ph.D. or Pharm.D. degree, and the type of scientist depends on the desired product formulation (food scientists for edibles, etc.). Global Widget’s master formulators have many years of experience in all of the product categories we offer.