CBD Manufacturing Standards & Processes

Global Widget’s CBD Manufacturing Procedures and Certifications

Our product manufacturing is guided by official Batch Production Records (BPR) based on previously approved Master Manufacturing Records (MMR).

These records outline product formula, as well as the points during production at which Global Widget’s Quality Control Department is to test a sample. The Quality Control department oversees processes such as measuring raw materials using calibrated scales, as well as conducting quality control inspections at specified checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process.

Facility Certification

Global Widget’s CBD manufacturing facility is currently in the process of internal audits, FDA registration and cGMP certifications.

Global Widget’s facility is compliant with manufacturing best practices, and every manufacturing team member is trained on Global Widget’s rigorous compliance standards. Global Widget upholds world-class risk and quality management systems and follows a “Discover, Define, Document, Deploy and Determine” process. We create a culture of continuous improvement with goals of growth, sustainability and stability.