Global Widget Elevates the Role of CBD Lab Testing in Our Manufacturing

CBD Lab Testing by Brand

Each Global Widget product must pass multiple in-house and third-party lab certifications prior to being released. Our lab tests can be publicly accessed by entering the product batch number on each brand’s respective lab testing page. Use the following links to view each brand’s dedicated CBD lab testing page.

QR Codes

Global Widget publishes the results of its third-party lab testing of its products online and are available by scanning product QR codes. QR codes offer customers a reliable way to see important information about their purchases and to verify purity and quality.

Short for Quick Response code, a QR code is a type of 2-D matrix that stores data, and when scanned via a smart phone, grants access to linked information — in our case lab results and general information about CBD, which we call CBD 101. Included in the lab results is information on CBD concentration, THC levels and additional cannabinoids, and confirmation that the product is free of pesticides, residual solvents, microbials, mycotoxins and heavy metals.

We feel this kind of transparency and education — readily available to you — is essential for today’s consumers and gives our customers the confidence they need to make informed buying decisions.

How is our CBD lab testing different?

We implemented a batch process with a calculated number of samples taken from every batch depending on the quantity of the production run – generally 20 samples per 10,000 units. Testing multiple samples allows us to check for uniformity and potency, which signals proper machine calibration and quality manufacturing processes. This form of in-process testing is a common cGMP best practice; however, it is a rare find within the CBD industry.

How do we determine if our products are acceptable based on the lab results?

We use a pass/fail system based on several factors, the most important of which are potency (must be within a +/- 10% range of the milligram dosage listed on the packaging) and THC level (must be below 0.3%). Different labs may use different testing methods, but the results should still fall within our acceptable ranges. When a batch passes testing, the lab report is uploaded to the appropriate website and accessible using the QR code on the packaging.

How is our in-house lab testing done?

We use High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) in our on-site testing facilities to verify third-party lab results. Pending our new quality control procedures, we will also complete testing during each phase of the manufacturing process:

• Raw materials
• In-process products
• Finished goods

How do we select a third-party lab to do our testing?

After having conducted extensive audits on potential third-party laboratories to confirm they meet our high testing standards, we partnered with Florida’s largest accredited testing laboratory, Green Scientific Labs, for our third-party testing of all our CBD products. Green Scientific Labs is an ISO 17015:2017 and a CMTL licensed facility that provides a number of testing solutions for Global Widget, including certificates of analysis and a QR code solution to streamline the compliance process. Our close partnership with Green Scientific Labs has allowed us to share their knowledge and expertise on CBD testing techniques during our facility tours and CBD forums.