Global Widget elevates the role of lab testing in CBD manufacturing

Lab Testing by CBD Brands

Each product Global Widget produces must pass multiple in-house as well as 3rd party lab test verification prior to being released. Our lab tests can be found by entering a product batch # on each brands respective lab testing pages. Use the following links to find each brands specific lab testing page.

How is our lab testing different?

We implemented a batch process with a calculated number of samples taken from every batch depending on the quantity in the batch – generally 20 samples per 10,000 product. Using multiple samples allows us to test for uniformity and potency to ensure quality manufacturing processes. Using multiple samples in the testing process is a common GMP best practice, however, rare to find in CBD industry.

How do we determine if our products are acceptable based on the lab results?

We use a pass/fail system based on several factors, the most important of which are potency (must be within a +/- 10% range of the potency listed on the packaging) and THC level (must be below 0.3%). Different labs may use different testing methods, but the results should still fall within our acceptable ranges. When a batch passes testing, the lab report is uploaded and accessible using the QR code on the packaging for that batch.

How is our in-house lab testing done?

We use HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) for our in-house testing in order to verify third-party lab results. When our upcoming quality control procedures are implemented, we will complete testing during each phase of the manufacturing process

• Raw materials

• In-process products

• Finished Goods

How do we select a third-party lab to do our testing?

We conduct audits on potential third-party labs. In order to be selected, a lab must employ ISO methods that are approved for CBD testing based on the established industry standards.