CBD Brand Overview

Hemp Bombs®

Feel Great, Relax Now

Designed specifically for the convenience store market, Hemp Bombs is Global Widget’s first developed brand. Since it was founded in 2016, Hemp Bombs has grown to become the No. 1 CBD brand in the convenience store market. Hemp Bombs carries a diverse product line with convenience store-specific pricing, which makes it an attractive choice to consumers and retailers. Distributors love the excellent service, timely shipping and unsurpassed pricing margins. Hemp Bombs has high brand recognition in the market, with over 13 million units sold in 2018. Each product is designed with eye-catching graphics that make them popular impulse-buy items.

CBD Product Line | Nature's Script

Nature’s Script™

Premium. Trusted. Pure.

Global Widget began selling Nature’s Script products in early 2019 to expand the selection of CBD brands in the c-store market, while attracting a different buyer persona. The light packaging design implies natural health and wellness, which appeals to the growing holistic market. Nature’s Script products can often be found side by side with Hemp Bombs products in convenience stores. Because Nature’s Script products have a different visual appeal than Hemp Bombs, it’s a popular complement to Hemp Bombs products on the shelves. For example, if ten customers walk into a convenience store looking to buy CBD, six might choose Hemp Bombs and the other four Nature’s Script.

Perfect Paws Hemp Logo CBD Product Line for Pets

Perfect Paws Hemp™

Overall Wellness for Your Pet

Inspired by the success of Hemp Bombs and Nature’s Script pet CBD products, Perfect Paws Hemp is Global Widget’s third CBD brand. Perfect Paws Hemp offers a full product line specifically designed for pet wellness needs and usability. It is likely to be a top seller in veterinary clinics, pet retail stores and c-stores. Its unique product line features edibles and topicals to meet the various needs of pets and breeds of all sizes.

Defense Boost logo

Defense Boost™

Immunity Starts Here

As one of the CBD industry’s leading gummy manufacturers, Global Widget recognized the opportunity to expand further into the health and wellness marketplace, especially within the immunity support category. Our Defense Boost ™ non-CBD immune support gummies are a delicious option for the growing number of consumers looking to better maintain their overall health and wellness. Our Sleep, Vitamin C, Elderberry and Apple Cider Vinegar immunity gummies are crafted completely in-house in Tampa, Florida, USA. FDA inspected and regulated, Global Widget’s vertically integrated manufacturing processes ensure unparalleled supply chain integrity, total quality control, multistage lab testing (both in-house and third-party), and timely distribution. Consumers get products they can trust while our business partners get the support and peace of mind that comes from working with an industry leader.

As one of the largest, most vertically integrated CBD manufacturing facilities in the nation, our goal is to clear up any confusion around this complex market so you can make the best CBD decisions for your business and your customers. Our CBD University podcasts — which have surpassed over 20,000 downloads — are an entertaining way to do this and to keep you informed. Our weekly podcasts feature various experts on a wide range of CBD topics, such as compliance, lab testing, labeling, trends and innovation, that align with what our partners want to know about doing business in the CBD market.

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